In organizations, many non-conforming products/services emerge in the field and they are repaired / scrapped or eliminated without being recorded. Since such unrecorded situations cannot be managed, the same problems arise continuously and organizations suffer serious losses due to this.

With this module of AltaSoft, you can record non-conforming products (raw materials, semi-finished products, finished goods, returns, services), decide what to do about them, and manage these decisions with actions. You can do cost tracking. You can eliminate such non-conforming situations with corrective actions to resolve them.

    • Defining product/service category
    • Decision maker by product/service category
    • Detection/control phases
    • Identify non-compliance
    • Non-conforming product/service quantity tracking
    • Non-conforming product/service location and status information
    • Action assignment for elimination of nonconformity
    • Synchronization of products/services with external software
    • Non-conforming product/service cost tracking
    • Decision assignment for non-conforming product/service
    • Tracking decision status
    • Corrective action initiation
    • Action reminder
    • Notification by e-mail
    • SMS notification (optional)
    • Appear in the user's pending jobs
    • Reports (Non-conforming product/service reporting, User performance report, System performance report, Process/Department performance report)

You can keep records of your non-conforming products and report them through AltaSoft.

Before the module is put into use, the stages at which non-conforming products may occur and the decisions that can be taken about these products are defined in the system. Since this information may vary according to companies, these companies can customize the modules according to themselves by making these definitions.

The product group to which the defective product belongs, the stage at which it occurs and the quantity are selected and the record is completed by specifying the quantity.

As soon as the record is completed, a notification is sent to the person responsible for that product group. The responsible person enters the decision regarding the faulty product or products after the examination and determines the responsible person. One of the critical points in this module is the ability to keep the costs of poor quality. When decision makers enter the cost of poor quality for each defective product record, these records can then be used as data by organizations.

All defective product records can be filtered and automatically reported. This data opens important improvement doors for organizations. If you are ready to make the management and tracking of your non-conforming products web-based and systematized, please contact us...

Defining product/service categoryDecision maker by product/service categoryDetection/control phasesIdentify non-complianceNon-conforming product/service quantity trackingNon-conforming product/service location and status informationAction assignment for elimination of nonconformitySynchronization of products/services with external softwareNon-conforming product/service cost trackingDecision assignment for non-conforming product/serviceTracking decision statusCorrective action initiationAction reminderNotification by e-mailSMS notification (optional)Appear in the user's pending jobsReports (Non-conforming product/service reporting, User performance report, System performance report, Process/Department performance report)

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