If we want to see the benefits of 5S software in organizations, we need to understand the purpose of 5S correctly. Organizations can minimize loss and waste, increase occupational safety and motivate their employees by creating tidier, more organized and cleaner work areas. The most effective way to achieve this is to transform "5S" into a corporate culture.

With AltaSoft's 5S Software module, you can systematically and effectively transform your 5S activities into corporate culture. This software ensures that 5S steps are perceived correctly by all employees, implemented correctly, impartially-fairly audited and improvements are made.

    • You can appoint the "5S Board".
    • You can create 5S zones.
    • You can assign "Area Responsible" and "5S Team" for each 5S zone.
    • You can assign a difficulty coefficient to each 5S Zone.
    • You can upload current situation photos.
    • You can assign responsible for the decision of red tags.
    • You can manage red tags and decisions.
    • You can track and manage objects sent to the red zone (all objects with red tags, images to track the object. If an unwanted object in one region is needed in another region, the object can be redirected to that region).
    • You can create before-and-after photos.
    • You can follow 5S actions
    • You can associate your documented information about standardization.
    • You can create a 5S auditor pool.
    • You can plan weekly and/or monthly 5S audits.
    • You can create question groups and prepare question lists for 5S audits.
    • You can conduct and report 5S audits through AltaSoft
    • You can initiate corrective actions or 8D.
    • You can restrict user-based viewing and downloading.
    • You can notify users via e-mail and/or SMS when necessary.
    • Users can track their pending jobs.
    • You can create various reports (5S Teams list, list of employees participating in 5S activities, Red label follow-up list, 5S audit report, 5S area audit performance (the trend of the audit results of each 5S area is monitored with graphs), comparison of the audit results of 5S areas)

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