All management systems include corrective actions to prevent the recurrence of nonconformities. Corrective actions are one of the most important tools of continuous improvement. With this module of AltaSoft, you can effectively manage your corrective actions.

All corrective action requests are handled by authorized users. Corrective actions and their results are monitored and shared within the framework of authorizations. Regardless of time and place, the recurrence of nonconformities is prevented quickly without the authorized users coming together, improvements are realized and contribute to the efficiency of the organization.

    • You can define "Authorization to initiate corrective action" and "Authorization to take corrective action" on user basis.
    • You can add pre-approval to corrective action requests if you wish.
    • You can upload attachments such as documents, photos, videos to corrective action requests.
    • You can assign more than one action and action responsible to corrective actions.
    • You can define root causes if you want.
    • You can monitor ongoing corrective actions.
    • You can automatically alert the responsible users for upcoming action times.
    • You can define corrective action tracking and closure authorizations.
    • You can initiate corrective actions from other modules (such as audit management, complaint management, management by objectives, risk management modules).
    • You can alert the responsible users for corrective actions that are not closed on time.
    • You can monitor corrective action costs.
    • You can request opinions.
    • Optionally; you can make separate authorization on the basis of system and/or location. You can restrict user-based viewing and downloading.
    • You can notify users via e-mail and/or SMS at necessary stages.
    • Users can follow their pending tasks.
    • You can create various reports (DF Request Form, DF Requests List, User Performance Report, System Performance Report, Process / Department Performance Report).

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