In organizations that are managed with systematic approaches, those responsible for processes and activities are identified. Processes consist of repetitive activities, i.e. routine work. In rare cases, non-routine work is also needed. However, non-routine tasks often cause confusion. Confusion occurs during the assignment, authorization, follow-up and closure stages.

With this module of AltaSoft, non-routine tasks (actions) can be assigned by authorized users (i.e. administrators) to other users, these tasks (actions) can be tracked and closed. Thus, non-routine assignments are carried out more effectively and efficiently, contributing to the organization.

    • You can open actions on user basis.
    • You can open sub-action
    • You can upload attachments such as documents, photos and videos for each status of actions and sub-actions.
    • You can make reminders for actions.
    • You can follow up the actions.
    • You can carry out action closure operations.
    • You can forward the actions with expired deadlines to the administrator.
    • You can ask for an opinion.
    • Optionally; you can make separate authorization based on system and/or location.
    • You can restrict user-based viewing and downloading.
    • You can notify users via e-mail and/or SMS when necessary.
    • Users can track their pending jobs.
    • You can create various reports (Action Form, Action Tracking List, Performance Reports).

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