AltaSoft's calibration software module will help organizations to manage their calibrations and periodic maintenance. Ensuring the timely calibration of the measuring devices that affect your decision-making with the measurements made is important in ensuring the continuity of the accuracy of the decisions. Likewise, timely maintenance / inspection of your machinery and equipment that need periodic maintenance / inspection is important for the quality and quality of production. In organizations, there are also disruptions and errors in monitoring the calibration and periodic maintenance / control of many measuring devices and machinery-equipment and keeping accurate records.

With AltaSoft's Calibration software module; you can manage all your devices that require measurement and periodic maintenance / control in your organization from a single point. You can manage your calibrations/maintenance/controls by entering the calibration types, maintenance/control types, times, device responsible, calibration/maintenance responsible. You can also track your external supplier list.

    • Specify device types
    • Determine device usage locations
    • Identify types of care
    • External supplier
    • Identify device calibration (external and internal) and maintenance information
    • Define internal calibration/maintenance method
    • Identification of device responsible (device responsible, calibration/maintenance responsible)
    • Define reminder periods
    • Reference device identification
    • Corrective action initiation (associated with DF Module)
    • Add calibration information
    • Add periodic maintenance information
    • Add report/certificate/additional file
    • Identify status in calibration/maintenance
    • Reminder for next calibration/maintenance
    • Notification by e-mail
    • SMS notification (optional)
    • Appear in the user's pending jobs
    • Reporting (Device card, user performance report, System performance report, Process/Department performance report)

AltaSoft Calibration module is designed to systematically manage the devices subject to calibration.

First of all, a coordinator is determined to manage the calibration system and caliper types such as caliper, micrometer and device usage locations such as laboratory, output control are defined to the system.

The coordinator or the persons assigned by the coordinator through AltaSoft enter the serial numbers, purchase dates, measurement sensitivities, how and how often they will be calibrated and other necessary information of all measuring devices within the scope of the organization into the system.

After these records are completed for each measuring device, the calibration information of the devices and the external laboratory information for the devices sent to the external laboratory are defined with the measurement calibration tracking list option and the device report is added to the system. AltaSoft sends a notification to the coordinator about the devices whose calibration date is approaching. The list of devices subject to calibration is updated instantly through the system and can be reported upon request. If you are ready to make the management and tracking of your devices subject to calibration web-based and systematized, please contact us...

Specify device typesDetermine device usage locationsIdentify types of careExternal supplierIdentify device calibration (external and internal) and maintenance informationDefine internal calibration/maintenance methodIdentification of device responsible (device responsible, calibration/maintenance responsible)Define reminder periodsReference device identificationCorrective action initiation (associated with DF Module)Add calibration informationAdd periodic maintenance informationAdd report/certificate/additional fileIdentify status in calibration/maintenanceReminder for next calibration/maintenanceNotification by e-mailSMS notification (optional)Appear in the user's pending jobsReporting (Device card, user performance report, System performance report, Process/Department performance report)

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