Cloud / On-premise

AltaSoft is a web-based software that does not require installation. You have the option to choose between cloud or on-premise deployment of AltaSoft based on your company's needs.


The cloud service involves running AltaSoft on Sigma Center servers in the web environment. With the cloud service, any updates made to the AltaSoft software will be automatically applied to the customer's system throughout the service period, without any additional charges.


The On-Premise service allows the software to be deployed on a server designated by the organization within their web/local network environment. Upon the customer's request, updates made to the AltaSoft software will be provided to customers free of charge as long as the annual maintenance fee is paid.

In both the cloud and on-premise scenarios, customer update requests are carefully considered and evaluated. If these requests have a significant impact on the overall AltaSoft software, they will be implemented at no extra cost, following a specific plan. Any specific modifications required by the customer will be determined during the contract stage. Additionally, any custom requirements that arise after deploying AltaSoft in the cloud or on-premise will also be taken into consideration.

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